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The Old Priory School
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Full Curriculum
- English
- Mathematics
- Science
- Geography
- History
- Art
- Music
- French
- Drama
- Relgious Education
- Physical Education
- PSHE and Citizenship

Vocational Centres


Through two dedicated vocational centres and in collaboration with local schools and colleges, we provide a range of vocational study opportunities in addition to the academic curriculum

Technical Drawing
Painting & Decorating
Fine Art
Silkscreen Printing
Metal Work




Investor in People



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The Old Priory School

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Head Teacher

A word from the Head Teacher:

The staff at The Old Priory School are committed to the Academic, Social and Emotional development of every student in the school. We work closely with students to help them overcome their barriers to learning and we ensure that students have all the support and guidance they need so they can achieve their full potential

The philosophy of our school is to work in partnership with parents and carers so that we have a consistent approach to learning and the development of emotional intelligence. A whole school approach means that students are encouraged to build positive relationships with each other and adults. We focus on developing of self-awareness, self-management and communication skills and we believe that by developing these skills, we empower our students to communicate how they feel in a more positive and productive way. By building positive self-concept our students are better able to overcome their barriers to learning.

Our school provides a safe environment, structure and routines that young people thrive in. We practice positive re-enforcement; we praise and reward the small steps of progress that each student makes. Our school includes a team of dedicated professionals that teach and support our young people to make progress in all areas of their development. Julie Bartlett - Head Teacher


Delivering The National Curriculum & Effective Alternatives


Curriculum Focus

At The Old Priory School we have developed a curriculum that enables our students to positively engage in their education and make progress. We aim to prepare students for the world of work and our curriculum includes both national curriculum core subjects and vocational qualifications.

The Old Priory School has three sites. Our main school site is in Ramsgate and here students study English, Maths Science, Citizenship & PSHE, Careers and employability, ASDAN, Physical Education and ICT. We offer qualifications in both functional skills and GCSE.

At our vocational site in Margate we offer Carpentry, Brickwork, Plastering, Painting and Decorating, Pipe work, Tiling, Car Maintenance and Craft Skills. These are accredited through City and Guilds and NPTC

At our Eastry site students study Art and Design, Design and Technology and Horticulture

At The Old Priory School we do all we can to enable students to achieve including designing individual learning programs to meet individual needs

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

  • English Entry Level (AQA)
  • English GCSE (AQA)
  • Maths Entry Level (AQA)
  • Maths GCSE (AQA)
  • Sports Entry Level (AQA)
  • ICT CLAIT Level 1 (OCR)
  • City & Guilds
  • NPTC
  • ASDAN (Bronze)
  • Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE Level 1)
  • Certification of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE Level 2

A Focus on Integration

The school, in conjunction with Ethelbert Childrens Services, promotes a wide range of extramural activities, including contact with other schools and the local community. Popular pursuits are 5 a side football, cricket, swimming, horse riding, ten-pin bowling and golf.

A special feature of our provision will be an annual four week block of cultural, sporting and adventurous activities run for the children by the staff of Ethelbert Childrens Services during the long summer holidays.

Working in Partnership

At The Old Priory School we believe that the involvement of parents/carers in their child’s education is of paramount importance. This includes preparing children for school, ensuring their regular and punctual attendance whilst supporting the school in fostering in each child the importance of education and learning.

The pupils that attend our school have histories that are often disadvantaged coupled with a range of difficulties which prevent them from attending mainstream education. These difficulties manifest themselves with a range of behavioural difficulties, school phobia, refusal to engage in education and so on. Our task at The Old Priory School is to understand each pupil’s problems and then develop strategies to deal with them. With effective strategies we can engage the pupil in education, create rewards and ultimately attempt to enable them to achieve their educational potential. We use a variety of methods to achieve this.

Parents and carers are encouraged to be fully involved in the education of their children. Bearing in mind the range and nature of our pupil’s difficulties, many of whom have been excluded from previous schools and may have also not attended any formal education for long periods; parents/carers involvement in the planning and implementing educational plans requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the needs and difficulties of their children. In this respect, what is appropriate for one pupil may not be so for another.

All pupils are organised in small tutor groups, where they receive personal attention from their tutor, who also liaises with senior management and parents/carers about individual pupils’ needs and interests.

It is through parent and school contact that a thorough understanding of a pupil’s interest, difficulties and needs can be shared and understood. Difficulties surrounding attitude, attendance, interests and education can then be considered and allowed for in the delivery of their education.

At this point the success of school and the significance and usefulness of homework can be fully considered and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) created. For some pupils, to achieve parttime attendance at school is an achievement in itself. For others who are motivated and fully engaged in school, homework may then enhance their achievements further. We recognise that formal homework is not effective for all pupils. It is offered to pupils in consultation with parents/carers where it will be useful and productive. Regular reading, supported by carers is encouraged and we have a reading scheme in place for those willing and able to participate. In addition, homework to enhance literacy and numeracy skills are also offered to pupils.

We fully subscribe to the need to ensure all children have access to the complete range of resources and support that we can offer educationally and to ensure all children are treated equally whilst offering a range of resources and creative approaches to our education delivery both in the school, community and home. Our emphasis at The Old Priory School is to address the individual needs of each and every pupil and to enable them to move towards achieving their full potential. We do this in consultation with carers, parents, social services and the pupil and then decide what strategies and methods will achieve the best results. Discussions are formally and informally reviewed regularly and homework is part of this discussion.

The viewpoint of our children regarding the current education programme and homework will be on the agenda for children’s meetings within the school and home and also the forthcoming Childrens Forum

Sharing Information

All Parents/Guardians/Social Services Departments connected with the school have a right of access to all documentation specifically relating to their child as follows:

  • The School Curriculum
  • The National Curriculum and associated documentation
  • Any published HMI and Ofsted Reports which refer expressly to the school
  • Any syllabuses followed (whether for public examinations or otherwise)
  • The arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the curriculum
  • School Policies concerning Religious Education and Sex Education

Enquiries about any or all of the above should be made, in the first instance, to the Head teache

Promoting Inclusion

The Old Priory School is a Special Independent School for pupils with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties and most pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Statements pending. The whole ethos of the school is to ensure that the special needs of each pupil, as identified on his/her Statement, are addressed.

This is achieved by:

  • The provision of a broad, balanced curriculum based on the National Curriculum, including religious and PSHE
  • The development of individual behaviour management plans within a whole-school behaviour management programme
  • The writing of Individual Education Plans to address the specific learning difficulties identified from previous educational reports and from our own testing procedures
  • Target setting within both the individual behaviour and education plans
  • Very small classes in the charge of mature, experienced teachers of BESD pupils, with well qualified Teaching Assistants

Close liaison is maintained between staff in the homes and school personnel to monitor more closely any subtle changes in behaviour or attitude of individual pupils and for exchange of information. Regular staff meetings, at least fortnightly, are held in the school in which the progress of pupils may be discussed and individual plans and targets adjusted. All plans and targets will, in any event, be reviewed as a matter of course at least termly

Care & Welfare

Our school provides a wraparound pastoral care system where all staff are skilled at providing the support that young people with difficulties need.

At The Old Priory School we have a whole school approach to Social and Emotional Aspects of learning. This means that we work hard to develop positive relationships with our young people.

We believe that the quality of the relationships students build with the adults around them are key to their success, we ensure that students feel listened to and their needs understood.

We know that all adults working with young people should model the kind of behaviours we wish to see in our students. This means that adults work in a calm and positive manner, they use praise and rewards as a means to changing negative behaviours. Students are encouraged to recognise and talk about their feelings and staff teach them a range of strategies for expressing their feelings in a constructive way.

We have recently begun to introduce mindfulness as a means to managing feelings and we are looking forward to developing this aspect of our pastoral system further.

As well as teaching staff and support staff with a high ratio of staff to students, SENCO, EAL specialist, Speech and Language Therapist, we also offer a range of counselling services through our company.

Staying Safe

The legal framework for work to protect children from harm is primarily provided by the Children’s Act 1989. Ethelbert Childrens Services Child Protection Policy aims to meet the requirements of the Act and also encompasses procedures issued by Kent Child Protection Committee. All staff of The Old Priory School are trained to be aware of the ways in which children are abused and the action which needs to be taken to safeguard them. A copy of the Policy is available from Ethelbert Childrens Services, on request.

Ready For School

The total number of pupils on roll can vary, but the maximum number is 30. Regular attendance and punctuality are expected and through the support and guidance of the home staff within Ethelbert Childrens Services, these standards are usually achieved.

Self Presentation

The children were invited to participate in the creation of the school motif and in choosing the colour of the uniform. From September 2009, the pupils are provided with a full school uniform consisting of:

  • Black Sweatshirt
  • White Polo Shirt
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Footwea

Moral & Spiritual Awareness

The Old Priory School is not affiliated to any particular religious denomination but endeavours to pursue a policy in which a code of morality is both taught and practiced. On a daily basis, class teachers try to foster the main ethical virtues and spiritual understandings necessary to the young. Religious Education is taught on a regular basis as part of PSHE and Integrated Studies. This aims at providing a broad, balanced religious education curriculum to promote the spiritual and moral growth of pupils whilst helping them to develop an appreciation of Christianity and other religions.

Safe Choices

The Education Act 1993 requires sex education to be provided as part of the National Curriculum. The programme offered at the school, through Science and PSHE classes, provide a basic knowledge of sexual health and human development relevant to the needs of the pupil and ensures that sound skills are developed to enable pupils to use information to make sensible choices. Since many of the pupils at The Old Priory School have suffered abuse, it is the school’s policy to leave more sensitive issues to be handled individually within the home by staff in consultation with the LEA having casework responsibility.

Respect For Self & Others

The School seeks to create an environment in which effective teaching and learning can take place. The principles underlying our Behaviour Policy are based on respect:

  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for the environment

When relating to the school, we include:

  • Students
  • School Staff
  • Visitors
  • Neighbours
  • Physical properties of the school, neighbouring properties and the surrounding area

The strategies used to manage behaviour within the school and surrounding environment are versatile and tailored to the needs of each individual pupil. The strategies employed include:

  • Praise
  • Rewards
  • Consultation
  • Counselling,
  • Sanctions
  • Monitoring
  • Review

...and, as a last resort and where absolutely necessary to protect other pupils and staff members from harm, temporary or permanent exclusion. A copy if the complete behaviour management policy is available by request directly from the school or Head Office

Towards Independence

The school is very fortunate in having very close links with the local Connexions Service and has a Personal Advisor linked to the school. The School and Personal Advisor work in partnership to foster development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for individual pupils to make well formed, educational and vocational choices.

During years 10 and 11, the options and prospects are discussed as part of the pupil’s Annual Review when the Personal Advisor is happy to make herself available, if requested.

The local Careers Office, based in Ramsgate, hosts regular Careers Conventions to which local companies and training organizations are invited

Striving For Excellence

In order to achieve excellence in any field, we recognise that complaints and concerns should be invited and encouraged. Should you have a complaint about any aspect of the school or its curriculum, you can be sure that it will be handled impartially, efficiently and without delay.

The school operates the same Complaints Procedure as Ethelbert Childrens Services – a copy of which can be obtained either form the school itself or from Ethelbert Childrens Services. Please refer to the general information section for contact details.

In accordance with the 1988 Education Act (Section 23), complaints about the curriculum and related matters may be made, in the first instance, to the Headteacher. Full details of the complaints procedure are available from the school.

Our Team

Head Teacher

Julie Bartlett

Sarah Mansfield

Pastoral Manager / Curriculum Co-Ordinator

Ray Mitchell

School Secretary

Jeanete Elliott

School Administrator

Ellie Lira

Teaching Staff

Margaret Smith - Science Teacher - BA Ed, Cert Literacy & Numeracy                        

James Adedayo - ASDAN Teacher - Dip Ed, Economics, MBA Admin        

Jonathan Bennett - Maths Teacher - Masters Theoretical Physics, PGCE Secondary Mathematics                                                               

Anne Shepard - English & Citizenship Teacher EAL Specialist BSc Occupational Therapy, Cert Tesol, ESOL                                         

Phillip Heath-Hall - Vocational studies / Challenger Troop BA Hons, Child and Youth Studies

Clifford Surry - Vocational Studies - NVQ 3 Caring for Children

Peter Pritchard - Senior Teacher / Tutor   

Alison Piccinini - Speech and Language Therapist

Julie Bayley - IT Tutor

Martin Fennell - Vocational Tutor

Learning Support Assistants

Dwane Hosier     Support Manager & PE Curriculum

Donna Solly

Jennifer Dennis

Les Burnett

Susan Howson

Katie Chapman

Sally Ann Cook

Kelly Cooper

Admire Ncube

Mark Stagg 

Linda Link: Catering

Contact Us

The Old Priory school

Priory Road



CT11 9PG

Type of School: Special Independent

DFE Number: 886/6076

Telephone: 01843 599322

FAX:  01843 599333

Head Teacher

Julie Bartlett 

School secretary:

Jeanette Elliott

School Administration

Ellie Lira

Head Office:
Ethelbert Childrens Services
Cheesemans Farmhouse
Alland Grange Lane
CT12 5BZ

Telephone: 01843 823762

Fax: 01843 823265

Leslie Davenport

Andy Marshall

Term 1

08/09/14 – 24/10/14

Term 2

03/11/14 – 19/12/14

Term 3

05/01/15 – 13/02/15

Term 4

23/02/15 – 01/03/15

Term 5

20/04/15 – 22/05/15

Term 6

01/06/15 – 24/07/15

Please contact the school for information on school inset days


9am to 9.30

Registration, Assembly & Tutor time

9.30am to 10.05 am

Lesson 1

10.05am to 10.40 am

Lesson 2

10.40am to

Break to 11.35 am

Lesson 3

11.35amto 12.10pm

Lesson 4

12.10pm to 12.55 pm


12.55pm to 1.35 pm

Lesson 5

1.35pm to 2.15 pm

Lesson 6

2.15 pm to 2.30


2.30pm to 3.10pm

Lesson 7

3.10pm to 3.30 pm



Further Information

Documents for Download

Additional Documents available by request:

  • Academic Achievement Statistics 2013 - 2014
  • Admissions Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • SEN Policy
  • Curriculum Policy
  • EAL Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • First-Aid Policy