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Assessment & Therapy

Holstic, 12 Week Assessment

Therapeutic InterventionEach child and young person that resides at one of our residential services benefits from an initial, in-depth, 12 week holistic assessment that is completed by the range of professionals working closely with them. This initial assessment will assist in accurately identifying the child or young person's individual needs and provide the foundations for a detailed placement plan that will incorporate all relevant strategies, services and external agency contributions necessary for them to be adequately met. The assessment is completed by experienced professionals from health, education and social care, together with those responsible for the child or young person’s day-to-day care arrangements. A copy of the assessment is provided for the local authority social worker and placement / commissioning team in order to assist with their ongoing placement stategy and planning.

Psychological Assessment

In addition to the twelve week holistic assessment, a psychological assessment is available on a needs led basis to each child or young person placed in our care. If it decided that such an assessment is appropriate, it will be provided by our clinical child psychologist approximately eight weeks into placement. This allows the young person to settle into their new environment and for their emotions to stabilise, thereby ensuring a more reliable outcome. The psychological assessment is provided as part of our standard care package and attracts no additional fees.

Therapy Services

Included in our standard care package are a range of therapies that can be accessed on an individually needs led basis. Therapy programmes can be discussed and agreed at the outset of the placement or at any time thereafter, should the need be identified.

Our organisation works in partnership with a panel of qualified therapists and counsellors that practice a range of professional disciplines including; speech and language therapy; art therapy; play therapy; psychotherapy and child counselling. Specialities of the panel cover attachment theory, bereavement, trauma recovery and life-story work.

A register of our current therapists and counsellors is available by request.