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Quality Assured
Quality assurance systems interwoven through all areas of the organisation

Regular external inspections from a variety of professional bodies

A team of qualified social workers supporting practice across the organisation

Ethelbert Quality Assurance

Striving for excellence in care practice and delivery

Quality AssuranceThe smooth running and exemplary care practices of our services can never be taken for granted, so we don’t allow ourselves to become complacent. No matter how high our standards reach, improvements can always be made as we continually strive for excellence. In order to ensure best possible practice across a fast growing organisation, stringent monitoring procedures must be in place.

ECS quality assurance systems are interwoven at every level of the organisation and thread through every service. Our residential division is supported and overseen by an operations team that includes experienced area managers, qualified social workers, a registered nurse, a highly qualified child protection co-ordinator and a dedicated training and development centre. All our foster carers receive support, guidance and supervision from a team of qualified social workers and have full access to our in-house, specialist teams whenever required.

Regulation 34 inspections are carried out by our registered managers to the prescribed timescales and in full accordance with the set criteria. Additionally, interim weekly and monthly checklists are completed to ensure managers are up-to-date on all areas of practice at all times. Independent Regulation 33 inspections are conducted, unannounced, on a monthly basis and detailed action plans for improvement are compiled and closely monitored for any shortfalls identified. Our commitment to supervision at all levels is strictly adhered to which ensures Tickgood practice exists throughout the organisation and that appropriate training and development needs are identified wherever necessary.

In addition to our statutory Ofsted inspections, and in accordance with our professional accreditations, our services are periodically audited by IIP (Investors in People), ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), City and Guilds and OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations). These inspections are welcomed by the organisation and serve to support and validate our internal policies.

Monitoring of the key performance indicators (KPI's), as set down in the National Framework Contract, now plays a major part in our self-monitoring and analysis programmes, further details of which can be viewed on the following page...