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The National Framework Contract


Key Performance Indicators

In line with the requirements of the National Framework Contract we are developing our quality assurance systems in order to evaluate our performance against the service specifications. We have commenced our phased implementation programme by focusing on the Key DCFS LogoPerformance Indicators. Our monitoring and auditing records for the period January to December 2007 can be viewed in the table below.


Key Performance Indicators
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The %  of IPA’s that have been fulfilled in full accordance with the specified outcome, objectives, targets and duration for the child:


The % of placements which ended in an unplanned way that was not in accordance with the IPA, at the instigation of the Provider:


The % of placements which ended in an unplanned way that was not in accordance with the IPA, at the instigation of the Purchaser:


The % of annual staff turnover:


The % of children of statutory school age receiving their education entitlement (as directed by their PEP and/or not less than 25 hours per week) in a registered/ approved school setting:


The % of children of statutory school age who were not attending full-time education at the time of admission, for whom there is a demonstrated documented improvement attending a registered/approved school during the period of the IPA:


The % of children of statutory school age looked after in this placement continuously for at least 12 months, who missed more than 25 days of schooling for any reason during the previous school year or pro-rata equivalent:


The % of children taking part in at least one physical activity or exercise or play activity at least three times a week in addition to the school curriculum:


The % of children with up-to-date annual health checks including GP, dental, optician checks and with up-to-date immunisation:


The % of children who have fulfilled the recommendations arising from the up-to-date comprehensive health assessment including mental health and emotional well-being needs:


The % of eligible children for whom the child and home staff have contributed to a transition plan which has been developed using a person centred approach:


The % of children with communication impairment who have a communication plan that is supported  by resources and staff  training:


The % of IPA’s where, within 28 days of the IPA being agreed, additional charges have been levied over and above what was agreed: