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Wide Range of Family and Single Carer Settings
97% Stability Rate

Safe and stable placements where young people can thrive and develop

Comprehensive,, Professional Support Services

Clinical and educational psychologists

High SSW to carer support ratios

Therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs

DCFS Registered Educational Support
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Vocational centres

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High staff support ratios

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Ethelbert Fostering Services

Placement Stability at the Heart of the Service

Ofsted 2014:

…”Chidren and Young People's sense of belonging is enhanced by the longevity and stability of placements. At the time of the inspection almost three-quarters of children and young people placed had been with their carers for over a year. Over a half had been in placement for moer than two years.

A number of young adults continue to live with families with whom they were previously fostered under different arrangements.

Carers communicate a genuine openess to this as an option and pro-actively work with placing authorities to enable this to happen”

Ofsted 2014 - Full Report

Providing Security, Stability and Exceptional Outcomes

With a stability rate of 97%, an extensive range of professional support services and more than sixty specialist carers across London, Kent, Essex and Sussex, Ethelbert Fostering Services are now recognised as one of the leading fostering agencies across the South East.

Ethelbert Fostering Services is a substantial and versatile provision that caters for solo placements, sibling groups, mother and baby, challenging behaviour and young people with a variety of special needs.

The focus of the service is to ensure safe and stable placements where children and young people can thrive and develop in order to achieve their full potential. Often, our children and young people arrive with us following a series of placement breakdowns. By specifically matching the presenting needs of the individual with the identified skills of our dedicated carers, we succeed in providing stability and structure to the young person's life and progress them towards positive outcomes. The results are that the majority either become able to move back to their family home or, if this is not an appropriate option, enter the world of independence in a planned and carefully supported manner. Our devotion to exceptional outcomes was recognised by Ofsted in 2008 and again in 2011 when we were awarded the overall grade of outstanding.

Our carers receive extensive, ongoing training and are fully supported by a team of health, education, social work and psychology professionals that ensure our standards of care and development are maintained at the highest possible level.

Support Services

To support our carers and ensure each placement’s security, stability and progression, we work in close partnership with a variety of professionals that include:

  • Clinical child psychologist
  • Education psychologist
  • A panel of therapists and consultants providing an extensive range of therapeutic approaches
  • Child counsellors
  • Behaviourist
  • Registered nurse
  • Sessional Workers
  • Qualified social workers

Utilising the vast knowledge, skills and experience of the team enables us to successfully undertake and /or provide:

  • Family and reunification assessments
  • Mentoring services
  • Anger management programmes
  • Supervised contacts
  • Advocacy and befriending services

The service is further supported by a team of qualified supervising social workers and an out of hours, on-call team. Supporting social worker caseloads are kept at effective and manageable levels by our strict adherence to a 10:1 ratio of families to social workers.


educatioFor those children unable to sustain a place in mainstream education, we can offer a placement in one of our four DCFS registered schools that include; primary, secondary and two vocational centres that work in conjunction with local colleges and focus on a range of skilled trades and professions.

Close partnership, reward schemes and a culture that continually promotes educational values leads to consistent attendance, motivation and progress. Results for 2005 / 2006 exceeded national averages in all areas of qualification including SATS.

Specialist teaching programmes and approaches such as ASDAN and CLAIT are utilised as appropriate and overseen by high teacher and LSA to pupil ratios.

Therapeutic Intervention

therapeutic interventionAll foster placements are supported by a clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, and a team of consultants as detailed in our ‘Support Services’ section above. A wide range of therapeutic interventions are available, allowing us to provide a person centred and holistic approach, specifically tailored to meet the assessed, individual needs of each young person. A minimum of six therapists and six qualified social workers support current services, in accordance with the organisations minimum standards in professional intervention and support.

Mentoring and independent visitor services are also available as required..


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