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KS 2 3 & 4 DfE Registered Provisions
Junior school set in the grounds of mainstream provision enjoying broad integration package

Consistent and caring learning environments

Secondary school providing national curriculum and alternative curriculums leading to recognised qualifications from: GCSE, ASDAN, NPTS and NVQ

Equal Opportunities Promoted Throughout

Vocational centres working in partnership with local colleges




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Ethelbert Education Services

DfE Education at Primary & Secondary Levels

Our comprehensive, DfE registered, education provisions span the requirements of key stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils. Additionally, in partnership with local colleges and through two dedicated centres, we provide 16+ and vocational schemes where students can work towards recognised awards in a variety of skilled trades and professions.

Our KS2 provision, The Davenport School, is located within a mainstream primary school, where it enjoys a broad integration package whilst benefiting from the skills of our specialist education professionals.

The Old Priory School caters for our KS3 and 4 pupils who can undertake ASDAN, NPTC and NVQ programmes that are provided alongside GCSE's.

All provisions have high staff to children ratios that reflect the necessary levels of tuition, support and guidance outlined in individual PEPs.

Aims of our Education Services

  • To provide a consistent and caring learning environment in which pupils can develop their full personal, academic and social potential.
  • To provide access to a broad, balanced curriculum including key core subjects, differentiated through an Individual Education Plan to meet each pupil’s needs.
  • To differentiate provision through an Individual Education Plan that has been informed by cognitive data.
  • To provide access to a wide range of examination opportunities, work experience and vocational qualifications.
  • To provide each pupil with a care programme which will allow pupils to reach their full academic, vocational and social potential.
  • To promote positive self-worth, self esteem and respect for each individual.
  • educationTo create an environment where there is equality of access and opportunity in the curriculum for all pupils regardless of race, creed, gender or ability.
  • To promote self control through a Behaviour Management System
  • To provide a variety of integration and inclusion opportunities to ensure that all pupils are placed in the best educational setting.
  • To work in active partnership with parents, carers and other agencies.
  • To promote and achieve the Government’s “Every Child Matters” agenda.
  • To achieve and maintain “Healthy Schools” status.

Our Schools


Primary & Secondary Education

The Davenport School
DfE Reg: 886 / 6089
Primary Provision
Key Stage 2 / Age 8-11
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The Old Priory School
DfE Reg: 886 / 6076
Secondary Provision
Key Stages 3 and 4 / Age 11-16
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