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The Davenport School

- DCSF Registered
- Key Stage 2
- Specialised SEBD / SEN
- High Teacher:Pupil Ratio
- Full Curriculum
- Excellent Facilities

Mainstream Integration
Located within the grounds of a mainstream junior school, the Davenport School enjoys the broad integration benefits that such an arrangement creates.

Ideally Situated
With a wide range of cultural and recreational
facilities to hand and within easy reach of the
continent, our school is ideally situated to provide the broad curriculum our pupils require.




Investor in People



City and Guilds






ISO 9002

The Davenport School


DCSF Registered Primary Education

The Davenport School is situated within the grounds of a mainstream primary school and enjoys the broad integration package that such an arrangement creates, whilst benefitting from the specialist education provided by our own teaching and support staff. The school operates in close partnership with the mainstream provision, the head teacher of which assists us to secure mainstream placements for Davenport Centre pupils, whenever it is considered appropriate to meet their educational needs.

page undergoing maintenanceThe Davenport School web page is currently offline for updating and maintanance. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and will ensure it is back online in the shortest possible timescale. In the meantime, should you wish to know more about the school or receive any printed publications, please contact us on 01843 823762 or emai Thank you.